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Our Story

Our Story

Birge & Held (B&H) is a national apartment real estate, private equity, and investment firm located in Indianapolis, Indiana. To take advantage of strategic real estate acquisition opportunities in the distressed real estate marketplace, J. Taggart Birge and Andrew J. Held started what is now B&H. Since 2008, B&H has acquired and currently manages over $700,000,000 in multi-family assets across the country, and through private equity and original debt structures, B&H continues to grow its portfolio of assets and generate high returns for its investors.

Our Mission

Birge & Held is committed to serving not only our investors but those who live in our communities and our employees who devote their professional talents to the team’s success. We create profitable partnerships, an enriched work environment for our employees and best in class properties by doing the following:

Identifying value creation opportunities (i.e. rehab/development), securing long-term financing, implementing best practices in management while providing transparent and detailed reporting to stakeholders.

Creating a supportive and flexible work environment that facilitates growth opportunities for our employees through training and development while recognizing innovation and initiative that contributes to the overall success of the company.

Providing our residents with a high-quality standard of living by structuring well-capitalized projects with strong cash flow, detailed improvement plans, responsive management and continuous reinvestment in the properties.