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Investment Services

Through private equity and creative debt structures, Birge & Held continues to grow its portfolio of assets and generate strong returns for its investors. Birge & Held has proven to be an experienced operating partner for those who seek apartment investment opportunities.

This platform allows our management team to provide customizable, on-demand services that help property owners and clients optimize the value of their real estate assets.

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Acquisition Strategy

Birge & Held seeks stable apartment investment markets with less volatility in its 10 year occupancy rates.

Apartment projects that will provide strong cash on cash returns for its investors.

Long term fixed debt typically with HUD's 223(f) provides 35 year fixed financing.

Favorable debt coverage ratios to provide a margin of safety.

Apartment projects that have rents which will not support new construction in the area which effectively creates an "economic moat" for our investment.

Typically, our communities have middle class residents who desire an affordable living situation.

Historically, well positioned real estate is one of the best hedges against inflationary risk.

Experienced Team

With decades of combined industry experience, our leadership team is known for driving sound, fundamental practices complemented by fully-integrated systems, cutting-edge technology and innovation to succeed.

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Our acquisition and development strategy relies on numerous years of experience identifying market opportunities through private equity and creative debt structures. Whether acquiring assets in a new region or reinvesting in an established market, Birge & Held understands that a comprehensive due diligence process is vital when realizing the full potential of any asset. Through conservative risk assessments, Birge & Held has maintained the flexibility and financial discipline to capitalize on market conditions and valuation trends.

Since its inception in 2008, Birge & Held has acquired and currently manages over $700,000,000 in assets across the country and continues to grow its portfolio. The results continue to generate strong returns for investors who seek apartment real estate opportunities.

If you are planning to invest, call us first. When it comes to finding the right investment to suit your portfolio income needs, no management company is more qualified than Birge & Held. By focusing on maximizing value, B&H works to provide clients with the highest market return on their investment while maintaining the integrity and value of the original investment.


With over 25 years of experience, Birge & Held is a leading real estate development, investment and management company. Our significant industry expertise and in-house operational resources enables valuable and lasting partnerships with our clients. We bring a team approach to real estate investment and development that allows Birge & Held to effectively manage each and every step of development to maximize value.

Our developments vary in size and style and range from student housing to multi-family communities. Birge & Held sets the standard for long-term ownership that's both sustainable and durable in design. Our team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals is devoted to creating high quality communities and valuable experiences for all of our residents and a mutually beneficial relationship with our partners. Birge & Held is strategically positioned to conceptualize, design, develop and manage all aspects of real estate development projects.


At Birge & Held, we approach every asset as though we are the owners. We position each investment for maximum value through aggressive marketing, intensive lease-up initiatives and by aligning our best practices in management with our clients' long-term strategy.

Operating in multiple states, our internal structure facilitates effective decision-making through transparency and open communication among executive-level leadership, regional management and on-site staff. Our property management service provides our clients the confidence that their real estate investment is well-managed and their return is maximized.

We staff every community with the resources, knowledge and experience to provide you with the most professional and effective operations. Our experienced on-site teams have established standards that continually maintain the integrity of each property while providing residents with a level of service unsurpassed by other management companies.

Management Services

  • Multi-family property management
  • Marketing and lease-up strategies
  • Asset management
  • Professional personnel selection
  • Financial and accounting services
  • Student housing experience
  • Conventional experts
  • Underwriting
  • Transition planning and execution
  • Construction and project management
  • Value-add redevelopment
  • Deal sourcing
  • Timely and comprehensive account reporting
  • Capital expense management
  • Strategic marketing and public relations
  • Custom leasing solutions
  • Staff training and online support
  • Market analysis
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