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B&H is an apartment real estate, private equity, investment firm

Since its inception in 2008, BH has acquired and currently manages over $100,000,000 in multi-family assets across the country. Through private equity and creative debt structures BH grows its portfolio of assets and generates strong returns for investors.


Birge and Held has maintained the flexibility and financial discipline to capitalize on market conditions and valuation trends, and we are conservative in risk assessments.

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Varied in size and style our communities are unique and range from student housing to multi-family. Our unifying quality is our outstanding customer service.

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B & H positions for maximum value through aggressive marketing and superior operational processes in alignment with their clients’ investment strategy.

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Our Strategic Partners

Birge & Held’s Asset Management

In a close working relationship with the Pedcor Companies, established in 1987, B&H has been engaged in the acquisition, ownership, development, construction, leasing, management and disposition of real estate across the United States.  In its 26+ years of operations, Pedcor Companies has acquired, developed and/or constructed over 14,000 apartment units.


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